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Specialist Colorectal Laparoscopic Surgery in Melbourne

Laparoscopic surgery - also known as 'keyhole surgery' or 'minimally invasive surgery' - describes surgical operations which are performed through small incisions in the skin as opposed to the conventional approach that requires a much larger incision to be made.

Laparoscopic surgery dates back to 1902 when the first operation using the technique was used on dogs, with the first operation on a human taking place in 1910. Advances in technology, notably improvements in computer and camera technology, led to the widespread adoption laparoscopic surgery from the 1970s onwards. It is now widely used around the world for a variety of different procedures.

Advanced Laparoscopic Surgery

How do surgeons perform this procedure?

This surgical procedure generally requires a 1cm incision through which the laparoscope is inserted into the body cavity. CO2 gas is also introduced into the cavity to move the abdominal wall away from the organs and so allow the surgeon to perform the procedure. Other small (0.5cm incisions) may also be needed to insert other instruments needed during the procedure.

The main advantages of this type of surgical procedure over conventional methods is a substantial reduction in pain and discomfort for the patient post-surgery, the patient can often go home the same day or the following day after the procedure, and post-operative scars are generally much smaller. There is also a lower chance of internal scarring (adhesions) compared to conventional surgery and for some procedures the magnification of the area being operated upon on a large screen makes the procedure easier to complete for the surgeon.

Dr Raaj Chandra is one of Melbourne’s advanced laparoscopic surgeons

Dr Chandra performs most major bowel surgery (e.g. small bowel resections) using the laparoscopic technique. These include right hemicolectomy, left hemicolectomy, high, low and ultra-low anterior resections, abdomino-perineal resections, as well as ileal pouch-anal anastomoses (reconstructive pouch surgery).

* Laparoscopic is derived from the Greek words lapara which means "soft flank of the body" i.e. between the ribs and hips, combined with 'scope', like telescope, microscope etc. which means to 'see' or 'view' or 'examine'.

In addition to surgical procedures, Dr Chandra also performs diagnostic procedures such as colonoscopy and gastroscopy.

If you have been searching for advanced laparoscopic surgeons located in north east melbourne, Dr Raaj Chandra consults at Elgar Hill Medical Suites (Box Hill). To book a consultation, call today on (03) 9895 7100.