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Specialised Small Bowel Resection Surgery in Melbourne

The small bowel is that section of the bowels that connect the stomach to the colon. It is divided into three sections; the duodenum which joins to the stomach, the jejunum below, and below that the ileum which connects to the colon. Its function is to extract the nutrients from digested food.

Small Bowel Resection

When is this type of bowel surgery required?

Small bowel resection surgery describes the surgical procedure to remove part of the small bowel and this may be necessary if it is blocked or diseased.

This can be due to a congenital (inherited) condition, or injury, or can be caused by conditions such as Crohn’s Disease, Enteritis (inflammation of the intestine), Ileitis, tumours, polyps or cancer.

The procedure can be carried out by a bowel specialist either using laparoscopic surgery or conventional open surgery. The procedure normally takes place under general anaesthesia and takes between 1 and 4 hours, with a short stay of 5-7 days in hospital afterwards for monitoring and recuperation.

Once the bowel specialist has removed the affected section of the small intestine, a procedure called anastomosis is carried out, which is the reconnection of the remaining healthy sections. This is the most common outcome, however, where there is insufficient healthy tissue remaining, the surge may need to create a stoma, which is an opening to the outside of the body to allow waste materials to exit the body. This is called an ileostomy and it may be temporary or permanent.

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Other related medical terminology

Proctosigmoidectomy - removal of the sigmoid colon with part or all of the rectum.

Proctocolectomy - removal of the entire colon and the rectum.

Total Colectomy - removal of the entire colon.

Subtotal Colectomy - removal of a section of the colon, or all of the colon but without removing the rectum.

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As an advanced colorectal surgeon, Dr Raaj Chandra specialises in resection surgery that addresses issues associated with bowel cancer and inflammatory bowel disease. In addition to surgical procedures, Dr Chandra regularly performs a range of diagnostic procedures such as gastroscopy and colonoscopy.

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