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Perianal Abscess

A perianal abscess is any small abscess, that is collection of pus formed by an acute infection, that occurs in or near the anus, normally due to the blocking of any one of a number of glands around the anus. Perianal abscesses may also possibly be caused by a skin infection near the site of the abscess. It is associated with anal fistula, but does occur separately. There is another type of abscess, called a perirectal abscess, which describes an abscess in deeper tissue near the rectum.

Symptoms of a perianal abscess include pain or the presence of a lump, swelling or pus (often foul smelling) in the anal area, incontinence, pain when going to the toilet or pain in the lower abdomen or tiredness, or fever and/or night sweats.

Certain conditions predispose the onset of perianal abscesses. These include...

  • Crohn's Disease/Ulcerative Colitis

  • Diabetes

  • Suppressed immune system either due to medication or other immune suppressing conditions

  • Pregnancy

  • Presence of anal fissures

  • Sexually Transmitted Disease or infection

  • Smoking

Surgical treatment involves an incision and drainage of the abscess under anaesthetic, followed generally by a course of antibiotics.

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